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Amazon strikes a deal with the state of California

Amazon has been struggling with ecommerce sales tax problems for a while now. The latest trouble was with the state of California. In June of 2011, the state Governor passed a new bill that effectively caused Amazon to terminate its “nexus” with thousands of California-based “associates”.

Now, that decision is being reversed after they struck a deal with the state. According to the deal, Amazon will

start collecting sales tax on purchases made by California residents starting in September 2012 if the Amazon is unable to come up with a federal deal in which a uniform online sales tax policy is adopted by Congress by next July

This new bill was signed into law on September 23, 2011. (Read more here…)

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New look, new design, and some cool new features!

Tonight we released yet another update to Ordoro. Your favorite application now has a new skin, and new polish. But the best is yet to come! Our designers are hard at work, and during the next few weeks, you will see sharper looking pages, smoother workflows, and more automations!

Ordoro Order List Page








This update also comes with some cool new features that catapult Ordoro way ahead of our competition. Here is a short preview –

  • USPS shipping with Regional Priority Mail option
  • Fedex shipping with Dry Ice option
  • UPS shipping with Next Day Air Saver option
  • Integration with 3dcart
  • Automatically tagging the BigCommerce unpaid orders
  • Enhancements to the PO and Product pages
  • BigCommerce tracking number write back tweaks
  • Include customer notes in shipments export

We want to hear what you think about the new look. Please login, click around, play with these features, and send us your feedback. Because that’s what helps us build an amazing product!

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