Shopify is now requiring all third-party apps to apply retention periods to prevent personal data from being kept longer than needed. Ordoro will delete customer personal data 90 days after shipment to comply with this policy.

This new requirement is in line with Shopify’s commitment to building a safe ecommerce platform and protecting the privacy of your customers.


What’s this mean for my business?

Starting in mid-February, all personally identifiable information (PII) from Shopify will only be visible in Ordoro for 90 days after shipment. This applies to all Shopify orders in Ordoro, including orders imported before February 2023.

Personally identifiable information includes: 

  • Customer or Seller’s Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

After those 90 days have passed, the app will automatically remove all such data from your Ordoro account in compliance with Shopify.

How do I retrieve my data?

Keep in mind that the 90-day threshold is a hard deadline — you cannot retrieve the aforementioned data from Ordoro after the period has passed. Here’s what you can do:

  • Run a CSV export before the 90-day threshold to download any information you require!

Again, this policy will be implemented in mid-February so we suggest that you start routinely running exports in preparation.