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Ordoro’s integration with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Ordoro is now integrated with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Merchants like to get their fulfillment done as efficiently and effectively as possible. And who’s better at that than the ecommerce giant Amazon? We’re pleased to say it’s now possible to connect an FBA account with Ordoro to better streamline orders, and sync inventory. What exactly is FBA? Fulfillment […]

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Announcing Ordoro’s API

Ordoro’s public API is out and about (and has been for some time now)! All parts of an online store – from sales channels, 3PL warehouses, suppliers, to developer teams – can integrate with us to extend the functionality of Ordoro. Ecommerce is certainly a growing market, and customers have expressed interest in integrating with […]

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Our latest batch of feature updates

We were about to say we’ve been sweating over the small stuff lately, but frankly, some of the recent work we’ve been doing hasn’t been all that miniscule. The following updates should have a positive impact on the way you run your business, and there’s a bit for everyone, whether you’re a global shipper, or […]

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Announcing Ordoro’s Advanced Analytics

  The ability to sift through a wealth of data for valuable information can seriously impact a business’ success. In some cases, it drives merchants’ every action. We get it – and that’s why we’re releasing our own Advanced Analytics to help you dig up truly actionable insights that support and validate your business decisions. […]

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Automation rules

Automation rules to simplify workflow even more

Ever see yourself doing the same tasks over and over again? Ever wonder if you could have a robot do them for you? Are you hooked on to the little life hacks that IFTTT lets you create? Well, we are. Inspired by that and with our commitment to simplifying order fulfillment we are excited to […]

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Ordoro Address Validator

Ensuring order delivery to the correct address

Although difficult to validate, it is believed that about 1% of all packages shipped are lost in the delivery process. A large chunck of these can be attributed to inconsistencies in specifying the shipping address. For an ecommerce merchant these errors eat away at profit margins, but more importantly lead to a dissatisfied customer. To […]

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FedEx One Rate, Saturday Delivery, and more!

Some exciting enhancements that our product team has been working on to bolster our shipping capabilities. Lots of good stuff in here to learn about, so let’s dive right in! FedEx One Rate You can now use FedEx One Rate as a shipping method in Ordoro. What is Fedex One Rate you ask? It’s a flat […]

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$25. All you can ship. ‘Nuff said.

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you about our shipping-only Ordoro Basic plans. Starting today, you can create shipping labels for unlimited orders, connect unlimited sales channels and add unlimited users for just $25 monthly! You read that right! Our Unlimited Basic Plan now just costs $25 per month. And to top it off, you also […]

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Introducing Ordoro FREE

A couple of months back we launched Ordoro Basic – a shipping only app for folks who wanted to use Ordoro’s UI and awesome shipping rate just for creating shipping labels for their web-stores and marketplaces. Today we are excited to extend the affordability of Ordoro Basic by offering it for FREE! For customers who need […]

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ordoro basic

Introducing Ordoro Basic for Shipping

We’ve always believed that a successful online retailer needs a comprehensive app to manage their day-to-day operations. That is exactly why we set out to offer shipping, order management, inventory management, dropshipping and purchasing as a cohesive set of features from day one at Ordoro. Furthermore, we’ve focused on simplifying these complex tasks with our […]

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