• Killing Off Unwanted Inventory

    The title may sound brutal, but excess inventory is no trivial matter, as any retailer experiences eventually. Whether or not it’s worse than a stockout is ...

New: Streamlined PO Page

PO Improvements Your Purchase Order page is about to be looking as slick as ever. We’ve revamped the layout to be much more in line with the rest of Ordoro and added a couple new functions (like a streamlined Order More Products modal) to help you handle your purchase orders more efficiently. This is just […]

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Holiday Savings: Discounted Shipping Insurance

An Early Gift Forget about spending too much money on a lost, misplaced, or damaged shipment during the upcoming order avalanche. As customers look forward to discounted deals this week, you can look forward to cheaper shipping insurance, with discounts of up to 60%! Just in time for the blockbuster gauntlet between Thanksgiving and Cyber […]

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New Feature: Merge Orders

Satisfy Your Urge to Merge A new feature is headed your way ahead of the holidays: Merge Orders! Now you can combine orders as you please, whether it’s to save on shipping expenses or to de-clutter your Order List. If you select multiple orders in the Order List page that have been made on the same […]

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New to Tags: Filter by Any or All

Any Way You Want It That’s the way you should be able to filter it. We’ve added two new ways to sift through your orders via Tags — the Any and All options. Click on the Tags button in the Order List and you’ll see ‘em right at the top of the dropdown. If you […]

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Estimated Delivery Date Has Arrived

ETA: Now It isn’t just the customer that likes knowing when an order will land on their doorstep. You probably want to know as well! Problem solved — you can now view the Expected Delivery Date of your shipments in Ordoro! Whenever selecting your shipping method in the label modal, you may notice some new text […]

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We’re Integrated With Newgistics

What’s New We’ve integrated with Newgistics! As we continually expand the array of third-party services you can plug into Ordoro, we thought it was time to add one that tackles the final part of your workflow. Order fulfillment is the gist of Newgistics. Owned by our partner Pitney Bowes, they do it all, from handling […]

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