• Killing Off Unwanted Inventory

    The title may sound brutal, but excess inventory is no trivial matter, as any retailer experiences eventually. Whether or not it’s worse than a stockout is ...

Print Out UPC Barcodes!

Get The Tape Out Organization is everything, and what better way to keep your wonderful products in order than to arrange them by UPC barcode. You may have scanned your SKUs before using our Barcode Scanning feature, but now you can scan a printed out code instead! Select products in the Product List or head […]

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An Early Gift: Guaranteed 3-Day Delivery on USPS Priority Mail

Ship It In Three, Guaranteed It may as well be the holiday season. You’re already preparing, and so are we — we’re bringing you our own guaranteed 3-day delivery program for all USPS Priority Mail shipments! Between now and December 31st, 2018, all USPS Priority Mail shipments processed through Ordoro via Pitney Bowes will be […]

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New Feature: Multi-Package Labels

Think Outside One Box Don’t limit yourself to fulfilling one package at a time. Use a shiny new feature we’ve just packed into the app: Multi-Package Labels! To sum it up, we’ve divided the amount of steps required to process shipments containing multiple packages. Here’s how it all works — let’s say you’ve got a […]

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New Integration: Squarespace!

Take up Squarespace One, two, or ten, you don’t need to worry about your sales channels taking up too much space in Ordoro. Connect as many sales channels as you need, including our latest integration — Squarespace! Squarespace is as all-in-one when it comes to managing websites as we are when it comes to managing […]

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Experience Our Revamped Products Page

Step One For Invigorated Inventory Get yourself a straw, because this update’s a juicy one. The better-than-ever Products page we mentioned a few weeks ago is going live this week. Overall, it will behave just as it currently does, but it contains a few fresh features that make it more functional and efficient: Its look is […]

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SXSW Shopify Meetup!

You’re Invited SXSW is nearly upon us, and the drinks are on us. Join Shopify and yours truly this Saturday evening (March 10th) for our yearly SXSW Shopify Meetup! Head over to our HQ deep in the heart of downtown ATX to chat with e-retailers like yourself and gain some insights on how to set your […]

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