• Introducing Ordoro 3

    Your Workflow, Accelerated Deliberately and carefully created with customer feedback, we’ve launched Ordoro 3, a product update devoted to optimizing your workflow. It’s 4X as fast. ...

Soliciting Reviews on Your Holiday Sales

We’ve passed the holidays. Hopefully the many customers you made are more than happy with whatever it is they purchased from you. Now is a nice time to ask for a review. But that begs the question — when should merchants send post-purchase emails for feedback and solicited reviews? According to PowerReviews, it depends mostly on […]

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Incoming USPS Rate Changes

Effective January 22nd, USPS is set to raise (and, in some cases, lower) their shipping rates. With the exception of First Class, the rate changes we’ll walk through are based on Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP), a type of discounted rate we’re able to secure for our customers that’s much lower than the standard online and retail […]

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Holiday Season 2016: The Results

It’s post-New Year’s and the holiday season is a wrap. But let’s revisit the thick of it — the five day long gauntlet between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. We’ve got a few studies and a couple researchers painting the performance during those days, and, rest assured, it’s pretty looking. Here are some of the notable events that […]

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Fulfillment Trends to Watch for This Year

Over the past few years, ecommerce has rapidly changed, adjusting to consumers that are increasingly headed online to buy. And as the online selling game reacts to changing behavior, fulfillment — storing and shipping your product — inevitably does the same. The holiday season is pretty much finished, and now it’s time to look to this year. […]

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Rate Increases for FedEx and UPS

Both UPS and FedEx (and USPS in a little less than month) are upping their shipping rates. UPS changes took effect a day after Christmas, and FedEx’s are arriving just after New Year’s Day (January 2nd). Here’s just how much each of their methods have bumped up. UPS Percent Increase by Method FedEx Percent Increase by Method […]

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Ordoro 3: Order and Packing List Improvements

Scan Your Packing Lists Are you a barcode enthusiast? Or maybe you just think UPC barcodes look neat? Well, we’ve gone ahead and included a barcode with every packing list you print out, giving you the option to scan for orders or get some morse code practice. Filter Dropshipments If you’re working with multiple vendors, […]

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