• Killing Off Unwanted Inventory

    The title may sound brutal, but excess inventory is no trivial matter, as any retailer experiences eventually. Whether or not it’s worse than a stockout is ...

We’ve Advanced Our Analytics

Analyze in Greater Detail Ordoro isn’t just your command center for all order-related matters — metrics calculated across your multichannel business naturally come with the territory. And now, with our latest stat and export additions to Analytics, your data is more downloadable and discoverable than ever before. Export Nearly Everything Digging into your data has never been easier. […]

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Important: USPS Rate Increases

Effective January 21st, this Sunday, USPS is set to up its shipping rates once again. With the exception of First Class, the rate changes we’ll walk through are based on Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP), a type of discounted rate we’re able to secure for our customers that’s much lower than the standard online and retail rates […]

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New: Process Payments Within Ordoro

It Pays to Use Ordoro We’re your one-stop app for all matters order related, and now that includes paying for those bad boys. Whether you’re selling in a brick and mortar location, branching out with a bit of point-of-sale strategy, or handling a manually created order, you can now process payments individually or in batch […]

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New Integration: 3PL Central

One of the best in WMS Warehouse management systems are in high demand these days with the ever-rising order volume that ecommerce is raking in, so it only makes sense that we plug into as many of them as possible — especially the best. We’ve partnered with 3PL Central, bringing you the hook up to […]

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Important Shipping Cutoffs

Mark Your Calendar We’re already in November. Consumers are likely prowling your site in search of deals. But to get shipments to their doors on time, you’ll need to know the shipping deadlines. Check out our holiday cutoff calendar for this year, and be sure to save the dates! Check ’em out

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New Feature: USB Scale Support

The Weight is Over As we scale the app to meet the demands of e-retailers and 3PLs large and small, we realized an essential feature just had to make its way into your workflow — we now have USB scale support! On the Order List page, you will now spot a blue button in the […]

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