• Introducing Ordoro 3

    Your Workflow, Accelerated Deliberately and carefully created with customer feedback, we’ve launched Ordoro 3, a product update devoted to optimizing your workflow. It’s 4X as fast. ...

Introducing Automated Presets

Combine and Conquer Your Workflow Ordoro 3’s Automation Rules and Shipping Presets brought some automation to the start and end of your workflow. Now, we’re excited to introduce something combining the best of both those worlds — Automated Presets, a feature that lets you set up rules that instantly apply presets to orders. If an order meets certain criteria, whether […]

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We’ve Integrated with LemonStand

Create a Stand-Out Store with LemonStand We’ve added a sweet new addition to our line up of sales channel integrations: LemonStand! LemonStand lets you create a completely customizable webstore for ecommerce, giving you everything you need to make your online store a recipe for success. Tailor Your Webstore to Your Brand From the homepage to the checkout page, design […]

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Supplier Feeds Beta

It’s Feeding Time We’ve cooked up a mouth-watering new feature that you might find pretty tasty — Supplier Feeds. Currently in beta, Supplier Feeds allow Ordoro to communicate directly with your suppliers to import their inventory quantities and push them out to your integrated sales channels. Turn them on and sit back and relax as […]

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New Shipping Carrier: FedEx Canada

FedEx in Canada? Can do Joining UPS Canada and Canada Post, we’ve added FedEx Canada to our roster of Canada-based shipping carriers! Canadian and shipping out orders? Feel free to tap FedEx’s extensive logistics network, now in Canada. Start shipping up north!

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New Channel Integration: Magento 2.0

2.0 and Ready to Go We’ve officially integrated with Magento’s latest enhancement, Magento 2.0! Plug in your 2.0 webstore, import your orders, and get them out the door in no time. Set up shop now And this is but the first of many webstore integrations on the way. Be on the lookout — plenty of channels are in […]

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New Shipping Carrier: UPS Canada

Another Eh-fficient Addition If you’re a Canadian shipping orders in the great white north, UPS Canada’s robust network is now an available carrier option with Ordoro! And expect more integrations — both sales and supply side — in the not so distant future. Start shipping in the second largest land mass now!

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