• Introducing Ordoro 3

    Your Workflow, Accelerated Deliberately and carefully created with customer feedback, we’ve launched Ordoro 3, a product update devoted to optimizing your workflow. It’s 4X as fast. ...

Advanced Automation

More ‘Ifs’ and ‘Thens’ Our Automation Rules have been reducing clicks and increasing the speed of your workflow for quite a while now. And they’ve received another dose of automation with our latest update. You can now create rules that contain multiple conditions! Feel free to configure rules that automatically apply tags and shipping presets […]

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New Channel: Reverb

Stop the Music We have an announcement — Reverb, a marketplace all about music gear, is now integrated with Ordoro! If you’re selling anything music-related, from guitar strings to speakers, it’s a sales channel that’s sure to strike a chord with you. Take note of it!

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New Feature: User Permissions

Permission Accomplished We’ve been on a mission lately to build a brand new feature, and it’s now complete: User Permissions! Available to high pricing plans, User Permissions allow you to set yourself up as an administrator that decides which areas of Ordoro — from financial data in Analytics to supplier information in Purchase Orders — are […]

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Introducing the Ordoro Affiliate Program

The Ordoro Affiliate Program Feeling boxed in by your clients’ shipping questions? Can’t keep track of their many inquiries about inventory management? We’ve got you covered. Sign up with the Ordoro Affiliate Program, receive a link, send them our way, and secure a recurring commission of 20% — we’ll field all of their fulfillment questions […]

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New Integration: Jet

Fire Up Your Engines Our latest integration is ready for takeoff. Hop aboard Jet — a jet-setting online marketplace — and start selling anything and everything as Ordoro keeps your shipping and inventory management on automatic pilot. Let us know if you want to get some air time with the marketplace. We’ll get you set […]

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New 3PL Integration: Shipwire

A Swell New 3PL Find yourself shipping orders down to the wire? Are inventory storage costs getting higher? It might be time to give our latest integration a look: Shipwire. Ordoro now connects directly to Shipwire, a robust third-party logistics provider (3PL) with warehouses around the globe. Send your inventory to them for storage and […]

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