• Killing Off Unwanted Inventory

    The title may sound brutal, but excess inventory is no trivial matter, as any retailer experiences eventually. Whether or not it’s worse than a stockout is ...

Estimated Delivery Date Has Arrived

ETA: Now It isn’t just the customer that likes knowing when an order will land on their doorstep. You probably want to know as well! Problem solved — you can now view the Expected Delivery Date of your shipments in Ordoro! Whenever selecting your shipping method in the label modal, you may notice some new text […]

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We’re Integrated With Newgistics

What’s New We’ve integrated with Newgistics! As we continually expand the array of third-party services you can plug into Ordoro, we thought it was time to add one that tackles the final part of your workflow. Order fulfillment is the gist of Newgistics. Owned by our partner Pitney Bowes, they do it all, from handling […]

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New Feature: FBA Order Imports!

Important New Imports Up until now, you’ve only been able to account for your FBA orders by syncing inventory between Ordoro and your FBA warehouse or logging directly into your Amazon account. Now your FBA orders are treated like any other — we officially import every order fulfilled by Amazon. Because they’re automatically shipped in-house […]

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New Feature: Scan to Receive!

New Modal, New Mode Last week, our brand new barcode feature was focused on your workflow, allowing you to generate and print codes for your pick and pack process. This week, we’re focused on the flow of your stock. Now you can use barcode scanning when receiving inventory! If you head to your purchase orders (POs) and […]

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Print Out UPC Barcodes!

Get The Tape Out Organization is everything, and what better way to keep your wonderful products in order than to arrange them by UPC barcode. You may have scanned your SKUs before using our Barcode Scanning feature, but now you can scan a printed out code instead! Select products in the Product List or head […]

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An Early Gift: Guaranteed 3-Day Delivery on USPS Priority Mail

Ship It In Three, Guaranteed It may as well be the holiday season. You’re already preparing, and so are we — we’re bringing you our own guaranteed 3-day delivery program for all USPS Priority Mail shipments! Between now and December 31st, 2018, all USPS Priority Mail shipments processed through Ordoro via Pitney Bowes will be […]

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