• Introducing Ordoro 3

    Your Workflow, Accelerated Deliberately and carefully created with customer feedback, we’ve launched Ordoro 3, a product update devoted to optimizing your workflow. It’s 4X as fast. ...

A Streamlined Orders Page

Less is more. 7X more. When we launched Ordoro 3, we vowed to accelerate and optimize your workflow. Now, close to year later, we’re delivering once again on that promise with a streamlined Orders page! We’ve made more room for efficiency on the page by reducing the amount of unessential info shown on every order. […]

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New: Warehouse Writeback By Channel

Write Back to the Right Channel We’re bringing some multi-warehouse magic to the way you manage inventory — you now have the ability to set your inventory quantity by warehouse and by channel! In Cart Settings, you can assign warehouses to specific carts, allowing you to pick and choose which channels your warehouses write back […]

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Ordoro Guides Had Launched

Get Your Eyes on Our Guides Surcharges, returns, 3PLs, SKUs… ship gets complicated, so we’ve published a new section on our website for your viewing pleasure: Ordoro Guides! Through them, we’ll — you guessed it — guide you through the intricacies of shipping and inventory management, and inform you of the ins and outs of […]

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Checkout Optimization: Maximize Your Chances for Success

The following is a guest post from Joshua O’Connell, VP of Partnerships at Zoey, one of our latest integrations. As the news surfaces of more retail outlets announcing downsizing or going bankrupt, it is looking increasingly like 2017 is the year where retail begins to show the effects of years of growth in eCommerce as consumers begin […]

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Advanced Automation

More ‘Ifs’ and ‘Thens’ Our Automation Rules have been reducing clicks and increasing the speed of your workflow for quite a while now. And they’ve received another dose of automation with our latest update. You can now create rules that contain multiple conditions! Feel free to configure rules that automatically apply tags and shipping presets […]

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New Channel: Reverb

Stop the Music We have an announcement — Reverb, a marketplace all about music gear, is now integrated with Ordoro! If you’re selling anything music-related, from guitar strings to speakers, it’s a sales channel that’s sure to strike a chord with you. Take note of it!

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