Today, my first guest article was published on Practical eCommerce. Titled “Inventory Management: Use 80-20 Rule“, I discuss the following topics in the article –

  1. Use the 80-20 rule to decide what levels of inventory to carry on which products.
  2. Analyze competitors and listen to customers to choose new products.
  3. Always be experimenting with new products.

I also provide a few tips on sourcing products via Tradeshows and Distributors.

We are very excited to see the Ordoro presence on a popular ecommerce magazine such as PeC. Please give me feedback on the article either there or right here on this blog.

I also want to extend a big THANK YOU to Gary Yorke – the owner of His input was extremely valuable in writing that article.

Also, the entire Ordoro team wishes to thank all you readers for your support via RSS subscription, Facebook and Twitter.

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