Over the weekend, we launched a refreshed version of our home page. Like millions of other home pages in existence, ours was becoming a reactionary dumping ground of new information as well as a stagnant pool of outdated content. It became so unbearable to us that in the midst of a million other things going on, we took time to attempt to cut out as much fat as possible. The goal was to reduce the content on the page so that it quickly answered these three questions that prospective customers might have about us: Who are you? What do you do? How can you help me? While it definitely isn’t perfect, I’m quite proud of this new direction and would be lying if I said we didn’t achieve our goal.

I’d also like to note the fact that this isn’t a full site overhaul, but just the repurposing of a (very important) section. We knew we didn’t have the time to take on a complete redesign, so instead we opted for a quick win. The full redesign will definitely come, but for now we’ve bought ourselves some time.

This iterative approach is the same methodology we take with our software development and this new streamlined home page perfectly sets the stage for some really awesome stuff we’ll be releasing in the coming months. Keep a look out for simple, elegant and intuitive enhancements to our application that will let our users process complex order management tasks with as little distraction as possible.