Last night, we rolled out a bunch of small, but useful enhancements to Ordoro. From squashing a bunch of bugs to streamlining the layout of the most-used pages to simplifying our set up process, we feel like this release is going to make all of our customers’ (new and existing) lives easier!

Here are the specifics (along with some screenshots) of what to expect from the latest version of Ordoro:

For new users:

  • New setup guide on the dashboard that helps users get all the pieces in place to successfully use Ordoro
  • Automatic Shopify account creation (if you don’t want to enter your credentials)
  • Automatic USPS & FedEx test accounts for new users that want to try out our shipping label printing capabilities

For all users:

  • Reformatted the layout for individual orders and shipments to make it easier to do things like creating a shipment or shipping label
  • Streamlined the forms and page layout on create shipping label create and print shipping label pages to make it easier and faster to print basic shipping labels
  • Batch processing turned on for everyone and made the “Create Shipments” button more prominent the Orders page
  • “Print Pick List” button is more prominent on the Shipments page
  • Started placing contextual help links in the app that lead to our Support Center (a lot more coming soon)
  • Alert messages are more specific and designed in a way to stand out more in the app
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes and general cleanup
The new dashboard setup guide provides a checklist for new users to get all the pieces in place to use Ordoro
Batch processing for everyone with more prominent buttons!
We reformatted this page and moved the important stuff up to the top to make it faster to create shipping labels or create dropshipments
Completely revamped the Create Shipping Label page to make it faster for users to print basic shipping labels

As always, we’d love your feedback about this latest batch of goodies, so please don’t be shy. We love making this software as awesome as possible for our customers, so please let us know what you think!