We’re thrilled to announce that one of our most common feature requests is now a full-fledged feature! As of today, Ordoro is fully integrated with eBay.

Now, you can integrate your eBay store into Ordoro’s powerful order and inventory management application.

To get a sense of how this works, how it could help you and what it means for your business, check out the video or keep reading below!

What does our eBay integration mean for you?

Simple. Full, two-way inventory syncing between your webstore and eBay. Plus, a whole lot of other cool stuff like printing shipping labels to help you save time and get products out the door faster.

Let’s say you’ve got a webstore and also sell products on eBay. Right now, if you sell a product on your store, your inventory will reduce by one. Your eBay inventory, however, will remain unchanged unless you update it manually. Vice versa, if you sell a product on eBay, the sale won’t be reflected in your store inventory.

Even at modest sales volumes, keeping your inventory in sync between 3dcart and eBay can be taxing.

Going in and manually updating your order takes time and opens up the possibility of human error. What’s more, unsynced inventories can lead to stockouts that can lower your eBay seller rating and have ripple effects far beyond one missed sale.

That’s where Ordoro comes in. Our advanced inventory management software automatically syncs your inventory between your webstore and eBay…and anywhere else you sell online!


By pulling your products into a unified inventory that lives within Ordoro and can talk to all of your storefronts.

Let’s say you have five items to sell.  Someone places an order through your webstore, reducing your inventory to four. Ordoro sees this, reduces the unified inventory to four, and updates eBay. When an order comes in from eBay, it again goes through Ordoro, which updates inventory in your webstore.

On top of syncing inventory between multiple storefronts, Ordoro also aggregates all your orders from all of your stores into a single stream, lets you route dropshipments with a single click, and streamlines your shipping with quick and easy shipping label printing.

Check out our eBay page to learn more!