The process in between when a customer places an order with you and it arrives to their front door is considered the order fulfillment process. Having an order fulfillment process that runs smoothly is a crucial part of keeping your customers happy.

Some larger companies have whole fulfillment centers to help them expedite the shipping process. But what if you are running an ecommerce site that doesn’t require such a grand operation and must do it in-house?┬áThe Shopify blog suggests 5 ways to keep your order fulfillment process running smoothly:

1. Establish Routine

Like any other aspect of running a successful business, you will become better and more consistent at filling orders if you incorporate the process into your daily routine. Try devoting a specific time period of every single day to fulfilling orders. Instead of letting orders pile up for weeks, tackle the orders in your queue little by little. This strategy will keep you on track and in a good position to deal with potential problems. Also, not having to rush out a large batch of orders means you can give each order the attention to detail that it deserves.

2. Don’t Get Thrown Off Course By Problems

When a problem does arise, don’t throw off your entire day to deal with it. Sometimes, you are going to run into a strange request or a special order that will take more time than a regular order. Save this special task for the end of the day.

3. Assign A Special Space

If you are filling orders without a fulfillment center or other warehousing structure, that means you are likely not shipping your product from a warehouse. Don’t allow your entire workspace to act as an unorganized shipping center. Designate a specific packaging and shipping area where you can create a sense of order and routine. This way you avoid wasting time constantly searching for a roving roll of packaging tape.

4. Analyze Your Process

When it comes to your order fulfillment process, what are you doing well? Where are you failing? What can you change to make the process better? Don’t fall into a routine that is merely adequate. Keep challenging yourself to make the process more efficient, easier, and faster.

5. Get A Teammate

Unfortunately, fulfilling orders is tedious and time-consuming, and there isn’t a whole lot you can do to jazz it up. But one thing that can help almost any boring situation is to have some good company. Get someone to help you fulfill orders, and you will find that two heads really are better than one. It’s likely that you will even see breaks decrease and speed increase.

Try implementing these changes into your order fulfillment process, and you’ll be amazed by the positive improvements.