Shipping – the unsung hero of ecommerce. Sure, it’s not as sexy as storefront design or as gratifying as a customer love-fest over social media, but it’s what gets your products to your customers. And that makes it an inescapable part of the shopping experience.

That’s also why we’ve evolved our shipping workflow with new features and a fast, clean interface that’ll help you get your orders out the door in no time and free you up to focus on the fun stuff.

So what’s new?

Batch Shipping. Streamline your shipping process and create and print labels for multiple orders at the same time with just a few clicks.

Rate Check. Check shipping rates across all of your shippers and service tiers at a glance and select the option that works best.

Easy Label Printing – Ordoro supports PCs, Macs and printers of all stripes. If you can print PDFs, you can print shipping labels with Ordoro.

To learn more about our new shipping features, check out our Features page or these support articles on Batch Shipping and the Order list page.