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Knowing the difference between the terms freight vs. shipping will assist you in choosing the best method to ship your products. The only real difference between the terms freight and shipping is the way it is recorded for accounting purposes by the seller, the shipper and the buyer. The term “shipping” is typically reserved for small shipments while “freight” will take on the larger and more difficult shipments, or bulk freight.

Bulk freight is the shipping of multiple goods but instead of being charged for each item to be shipped, the shipment is bulked together for one flat shipping charge. The goal of bulk freight is to ship as much as you can in one single shipping container to reduce the expense of shipping.

Freight shipping, also known as heavy hauling; is the most common method used for transporting bulk freight goods or cargo by means of land, air or water.

Modes of transportation that typically utilize bulk freight would include railroad cars, highway freight trucks and large ships carrying shipping containers; though ships are typically reserved for imports.

There are a variety of bulk freight brokers that are equipped to handle large bulk freight shipments. Depending on the mode of transportation chosen, call around for the best quotes but don’t just go with the cheapest rate. Also look at service and the time it will take to arrive at your destination.