Here are some of the product improvements that we rolled out recently –

  • We completely rewrote the backbone of our user interface. This will help us design and deploy new UI features much faster than before. This change also makes the app faster for all users, and improves the aesthetic via better icons and more. If you want to learn the details, read this behind-the-scenes write up by our lead designer.
  • Users love the order tagging feature that we have had for a few months now. We tweaked that feature further last week. We moved the tags to the left most column to make them more noticeable. More improvements coming soon.


  • Better search on Purchase Orders and Shipments page. Now you can search through the PO list using a Product or a SKU as the search phrase. And you can search through all your shipments using the Tracking Number as the search phrase.


  • We also completed the roll-out of auto-sync feature to all our users. As a part of this feature, we  consolidated the “import orders” and “write back inventory” buttons into a single “sync” button accessible from all tabs in the UI.

sync button