freemium-heroA couple of months back we launched Ordoro Basic – a shipping only app for folks who wanted to use Ordoro’s UI and awesome shipping rate just for creating shipping labels for their web-stores and marketplaces.

Today we are excited to extend the affordability of Ordoro Basic by offering it for FREE!

For customers who need to ship out less than 50 orders a month, but still want the convenience of not having to copy and paste shipping and tracking information between your webstore and your shipping accounts, you can use Ordoro completely free of charge!

All customers in the FREE plan will get all the awesome features of Ordoro Basic and free email support. The FREE plan allows connecting to FedEx, UPS and accessing commercial base USPS rates: ~15% discounted over retail

And as always, if you want to add more sales channel, ship more than 50 orders a month, access our best-in-class Ordoro shipping rates (up to 70% discount) or use the advanced inventory management functionality of Ordoro Pro you can easily upgrade your account.