Some exciting enhancements that our product team has been working on to bolster our shipping capabilities. Lots of good stuff in here to learn about, so let’s dive right in!


FedEx One Rate

You can now use FedEx One Rate as a shipping method in Ordoro. What is Fedex One Rate you ask? It’s a flat rate shipping method that lets you ship in one of 12 standard Fedex box sizes as long as the package weighs less than 50 lbs. It’s a nice option to have if you’d like to set a flat shipping rate on your sales channel.


FedEx Saturday Delivery

When you are creating Fedex Home Delivery shipments, you can now opt to get them delivered on a Saturday rather than waiting until the following Monday. Just choose the Saturday Delivery checkbox while creating your Fedex shipping label in Ordoro.

Create FedEx shipment with a future ship date

Want to create the labels today, but ship the packages out later? No problemo! Ordoro now allows you to set the actual ship date to be anything in the future, while creating your label and the tracking number right then and there.

More customs lines for FedEx international

For large international packages, Ordoro’s Fedex International form now allows up to 25 lines to be declared. Bam!

ups-featuresUPS Saturday Delivery

Just like the aforementioned Fedex Saturday Delivery, you can now also opt for UPS Saturday Delivery through Ordoro.

UPS Standard: Certificate of Origin

We’ve also added a checkbox to the UPS label panel to generate a Certificate of Origin with your label. When would you need this? Well, when shipping internationally, some destination countries require you to include a Certificate of Origin (CO) for certain type of products. So, if you are US-based retailer shipping clothes to Brazil and the clothes were actually made in China, then you need to specify China as the country of origin in the CO.

pickup holdVoiding USPS labels directly in Ordoro

We’ve made it WAY easier to void USPS labels through our system. Just delete the label and Ordoro will automatically apply for a label refund with USPS behind-the-scenes. The label credit will appear in your USPS account once the refund is processed (typically within 10 business days).

Hold for Pickup Option

If “Hold For Pickup” is requested on an order, it’s now very easy to set that in Ordoro. Simply select the “Hold For Pickup” checkbox when creating the USPS shipping label for the order. The destination Post Office will know to hold the package until your customer is able to pick it up.

Continually better USPS rates

Ordoro is working closely with USPS to continually offer you the best discounts in the industry. Whenever we get new discounts, they’ll automatically be available to you in your Ordoro account. Use our Shipping Rate Calculator to see how much you could be saving today!