The ability to sift through a wealth of data for valuable information can seriously impact a business’ success. In some cases, it drives merchants’ every action. We get it – and that’s why we’re releasing our own Advanced Analytics to help you dig up truly actionable insights that support and validate your business decisions.

This isn’t about pretty graphs and charts that make you feel like a legitimate business. This is about taking real data and using it to legitimize your strategies. Our Advanced Analytics compile lumps of sales, shipping, and inventory data across all your sales and supplier channels, and splits them into digestible, understandable tidbits of knowledge.

Features that deliver


We’re all about shipping and inventory here at Ordoro, so we’ve packed some analytic features that deliver. Unlike other platforms’ analytics, we have the ability to filter all your data by supplier channel to see quantity sold, shipping costs, and more. This is particularly useful for multi-channel retailers interested in analyzing and comparing the costs to source and ship by supplier channel, as well as the fulfillment efficiency of each.

As you may have noticed from the screenshot, you can also segment data by sales channel to narrow your insights down. Having to add up the numbers and track trends across all your platforms is no longer a tedious necessity. We’re committed to keeping all your marketplaces and shipping accounts in one place – the same goes for data.

And if you’re manic about marketing, we’ve got the fix for that too. With Advanced Analytics, you are better suited to target a customer on any of your platforms – whether it’s Etsy or Shopify – with a potent promotion. You can now filter your top customers and products by your sales and supply channels to view what’s killing it in each. To top it off, you’re also able to check out your revenue by geographic region to help focus your potential marketing campaigns even further.

Piqued your interest? We hope so! Whether you want analytics to help cut carrier costs, create marketing campaigns, consider the effectiveness of your sales channels, or just collect data to look at, we’ve got you covered for that, and more.