We were about to say we’ve been sweating over the small stuff lately, but frankly, some of the recent work we’ve been doing hasn’t been all that miniscule. The following updates should have a positive impact on the way you run your business, and there’s a bit for everyone, whether you’re a global shipper, or a person addicted to simplifying processes as much as possible.

Go global – Discounted international rates and eBay Global Ship

The ecommerce world is only limited to an internet connection, and international shipping is very much a reality for many merchants. We already provide some of the largest discounts on domestic shipping rates with USPS, and now those savings are international. All new sign ups have immediate access to our discounted international rates, and access will be rolled out to all existing customers from mid-August through the end of the month.

eBay’s Global Ship program gives merchants the option to send over orders to an eBay warehouse that ships them off internationally. In the past, it wasn’t an option with Ordoro, but it’s now possible. Simply place an order with eBay, and we will import it alongside eBay’s Global Ship hub address and reference number. Your shipping label will match all of that information, so send it to the warehouse, and, voila, eBay will take care of the rest.

Better in bulk – Endicia scan form and PO workflow

Scan, scan, scan, man. Easing up on the shipping grind is what we’re all about, so instead of having to scan each individual shipping label, you can print out a single, end-of-day Endicia scan form that bundles all your shipments of the day into a single barcode. The USPS can scan the code, and their systems will update the statuses of all your orders at once.



The PO feature – where you go to purchase products from your suppliers – is now faster, more responsive, and can create PO’s in bulk. Once you get the goods from your orders, make a goods receipt, and boom, stock levels are automatically updated. PO’s are also tracked, and their statuses are updated based on every action taken, which forms an audit trail of everything that happens to them.



Autosync now has more auto and sync
Last, but not slowest, is a change in our autosync intervals. Sounds a little fancy, especially since it’s only available to enterprise customers, but all it means is that inventory and order imports will be updated every 10 minutes automatically, rather than an hour. And if 10 minutes is 9 minutes too long for you, feel free to sync everything on-demand, anytime by pressing the magical sync button.