Ordoro’s public API is out and about (and has been for some time now)! All parts of an online store – from sales channels, 3PL warehouses, suppliers, to developer teams – can integrate with us to extend the functionality of Ordoro.

Ecommerce is certainly a growing market, and customers have expressed interest in integrating with the fresh sales and supplier channels that sprout up consistently. But because of time constraints on our end (we would love to integrate with everyone and anyone), it hasn’t always been possible.

Our API is a step towards fixing that. Now, customers can use it to build custom integrations that are tailored to their needs, whether they want to connect Ordoro with a specific warehouse, or mobile sales channel.

There are four key areas where we expect our API to deliver: non-hosted online stores, sales and supplier channels, and applications.

Custom-built online stores

Some merchants are very DIY type of people. Their stores are, unique and custom built, which means they don’t have access to plug and play integrations with an app like ours. Fortunately, our API sets the framework for transferring data between any store and Ordoro, in the same way we communicate with large, hosted platforms.

Sales channels

You’re probably aware, but Ordoro is integrated with all major sales channels, from marketplace to shopping carts. But other forms of selling exist out there, with many merchants landing sales through social media, brick-and-mortar locations, and POS (point-of-sale) systems. Now that we’ve got an API, it’s possible to put the pieces of each and every one of your sales channels together in our app.

Suppliers and 3PL warehouses

And it works on the other ‘s’ channels as well – Ordoro’s API can also be used to keep you in-the-loop with your supplier channels. Merchants’ fulfillment centers and warehouses are now able to integrate with us to ensure that all orders and inventory feeds are being shared and monitored, even in the back-office.


At the end of the day, our API is a toolkit for developers to build apps that simplify ecommerce back-office operations. Through that, it’s possible for other complimentary service providers to hook up with us and create stellar apps that solve merchants’ needs.

We’re looking forward to how our API will be used, and we consider it to be a stepping stone in our mission to create the #1 shipping and inventory management app in the world.

Are you a developer itching to get your hands on our API? Check out the documentation.