Ordoro is now integrated with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Merchants like to get their fulfillment done as efficiently and effectively as possible. And who’s better at that than the ecommerce giant Amazon? We’re pleased to say it’s now possible to connect an FBA account with Ordoro to better streamline orders, and sync inventory.

What exactly is FBA?

Fulfillment By Amazon is essentially an outsourced fulfillment service. Send any or all of your inventory to FBA, and they’ll keep it safe and sound by warehousing it for you. When a customer shows up to your site and purchases a product stored with FBA, we’ll instantly shoot them an alert to the warehouse, and they’ll ship the product out. We’ll also take the tracking number and send it your way to keep you in the loop.

We’ve got the hook up

Many popular ecommerce platforms are unable to directly integrate with Amazon’s FBA service, but we’ve got your VIP ticket. Ordoro is friends with all major ecommerce marketplaces and shopping carts, and we act as a middleman between your sales and fulfillment channels. So, just plug in your information, and link your Ordoro account with your sales channels and FBA account to get started.

Some ecommerce store owners appreciate variety, using hybrid models of inventory that store product in-house, and at an FBA warehouse. Some even use a handful of ecommerce platforms to sell their goods. We’re pleased to say that this integration is compatible with any inventory and shipping strategy.

Keeping you in sync

We’re all about inventory and shipping here, so you can say “Bye Bye Bye” to those fears of losing track of how much product you have. With the integration, we’ll synchronize your FBA stock levels. If you’ve got 100 units of product stored with FBA, Ordoro will show the same. And if you add 50 units, we’ll show 150. You can also configure your Ordoro rules to determine which of your products are to be shipped from FBA.

FBA is only one example of how Ordoro’s API can be used to connect to a 3PL warehouse, and the integration model can be used to link with any other 3PL fulfillment center. We’re excited for what’s to come as we continue providing top-notch inventory and shipping software that helps you focus completely on selling.

Photo: Flickr, Public.Resource.Org