Each week, we publish a mishmash of ecommerce related, insight infused articles for you to smash through. Just as we collect business information across all of a merchant’s channels in a single place, we’re doing the same for ecommerce related content from a variety of top tier content creators.

If you find the material filling your appetite for knowledge, feel free to share this post, as well as any article you see here. We’re a little late to the party since Columbus Day was last week, but we’re preaching about conversions today. They’re absolutely essential to getting that non believer, potential customer down to the checkout page and offering up their credit card digits. So take a look at these articles to spruce up your checkout aisle, liven up your live chat, prep for the holidays and more.

Convicted conversion killers

Customers are fickle creatures, spooked easily at the checkout line, especially online in a store they’re not familiar with. Fortunately, Shopify has 4 checkout conversion killers that you should avoid. It’s the final stage of the purchase process, and potentially the toughest. Shipping costs, delays, consumer forgetfulness all attack your conversion rates, so take a look at how to best combat them.

Holiday prevention

You’re likely already seeing it everywhere already, but the holiday season is swiftly approaching. That means its time deck the halls of your site with boughs of conversion boosting tactics – Get Elastic has 5 conversion problems for you to solve before those joyous customers pop in. There are a whole host of ways to prevent consumers from having the urge to compare you with competitors (say, Amazon), and discounts like coupons and reduced shipping costs can persuade them to stay.

Sites set on the holidays

If you’re already getting sick of all the holiday talk, you’ve got three months to go. But the same can’t be said for your holiday selling preparations – when it comes to ramping up, sooner is better. Bigcommerce has 16 site tweaks to prepare your business for the holiday seasons and ensure that your traffic stays on the highway to a sale and ignores the exit. Mobile remains a massive part of getting your site in ship shape, and it’s likely to be major doorway to converting traffic into cash.

Liven up that live chat

Sometimes when consumers see that live chat screen pop up, they think it’s fake and pointless. But, whether large or small business, it can seriously drive your conversion rates if it’s used properly. Human contact via live chat is always a good thing, and ConversionXL lays down the rules on how to make better use of it. Half of the battle when converting is getting consumer to stay, so be prompt, to the point, and constantly measuring to perfect your customer support and nourish a sale.

Finding your long lost customer

Let’s say the worst has occurred, and a customer has left your site without purchasing. Econsultancy has you covered with a 101 on how to win back those customers. Recency, frequency, and monetary value, otherwise known as RFM, are some parameters to help you decide who’s worth the effort. And forms of retargeting are out there for you to pursue, whether it’s search, advertising, or email.

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