We’re excited to announce that we’ve allied with Stripe to offer another integrated sales channel to join your troops.

The details

To be specific, we’ve integrated with Stripe’s Relay, the payment processor’s in-app payment service. Stripe recently collaborated with social media giant Twitter to provide e-retailers the option to sell directly off Twitter’s mobile app through Relay, so we’ve gone ahead and connected with them. In addition to Twitter, Relay also works with the mobile marketplace Spring.

It all functions like any other sales channel you’ve got. All you need to do is join any Relay connected storefront to your forces by adding it to your Ordoro account. Then it runs like a routine training exercise; every order that you win will have its information collected within the app like any other sales channel to keep your backoffice organized, primed and at the ready.

The objectives

One of the main objectives behind this integration is to launch a move toward integrating with non-traditional sales channels that retailers are increasingly taking on. Traffic is continually funneling from mobile sources, so merchants are adopting more mobile channels. And as large platforms like Facebook and Twitter begin to enter the ecommerce space, new areas for commerce are opening up, like social sales. We get that the battlefield of ecommerce is constantly evolving, which causes ecommerce tech and retailer needs to change.

Non-traditional sales channels are quickly becoming standard methods of selling for many merchants. Seeing as we’re committed to integrating with all channels, from Amazon to Woocommerce, mobile and social channels are no exception. Look forward for more to come as we reinforce your multichannel might!

To hook up your Stripe Relay and Ordoro accounts for Twitter selling, crack open this support article.

Photo: TheSearchMarketingShop