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We’re pleased to let you know that we’ve partnered with Inventory Planner, a demand-driven product purchasing app for ecommerce (in case you didn’t notice the picture above). They’re one of the first app developers that fiddled with our open API, and we’re excited to see how their product impacts our multichannel merchants.

What Does This Mean for You?

Planning to grow your online store? The answer is probably yes, and Inventory Planner will help to reduce your back office burden as you scale up.

Inventory Planner plugs into your data sources and delivers automated replenishment suggestions based on product demand in your sales channels. The app forecasts a recommended number of units to replenish specific SKUs, identifies stagnant, promotion-worthy products, and reports on KPIs like profit, turnover, gross margin, and more.

Long story short, speed up the grind of your back office work so you know exactly when to purchase products, which products to slap promotions on, and how your business is performing. 

Interested in seeing more of what they’re all about? Plan a visit to their site.

Also, if that three letter acronym at the beginning of this post caught your eye, journey into the wonderful realm of our open API by checking out our documentation.