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To start off the week and 2016, we’ve got a more visual mishmash for you. If you have your eyes on the prize in 2016, feast your eyes on these five charts (each provided by Marketing Charts) on a variety of topics – from brand trustworthiness, to mobile device demographics and marketing.

Putting Trust in Brands

Locking in customer trust is a critical step that all brands should accomplish. Whether it’s customer reviews, loyalty, or positive effects on conversion, a brand’s trustworthiness is something to go after in 2016, and the good news is that consumers look upon them more positively than ever. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers study, brand trustworthiness (and visionary brands) has risen globally, with millennials having the most optimistic outlook, and baby boomers the weakest. Why? Likely a bunch of aspects, such as social media presence, increased multichannel efforts, and a focus on customer service.


Getting the Word Out

They say no good deed goes unpunished, but let’s hope that your good customer service gets praised. In a global survey of nearly 20,000 consumers, Verint sought to determine how customers react to top-notch customer service. Obviously, having a solid customer service is something all businesses should strive for, but what do most customers do after the experience? Word of mouth is the front runner, with more than half of a customers preaching about the good experience to their friends and family.


Hear What your Customers Are Saying

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what and when customers want to hear from you? Sending out social posts and emails is essential to marketing operations, but there’s a fine line between enticing and irritating your customers. Fortunately, Emarsys conducted a customer engagement survey on thousands of them to determine when they want to hear from retailers. Interestingly, gender plays a role, with men and women differing on the reason. Give the chart below a look for more information on the specifics.


When Demographics Meet Devices

We’ve harped on last year’s holiday success when it comes to mobile, but how about some insight into the demographics of who is using specific devices? Pew Research conducted a device survey on thousands of adult consumers to analyze tech adoption by gender, race, age, education, income, and location – a gauntlet of demographic information. Match up your target demographic with this list to get a better idea of who is using what.


Mobile and Multichannel Magic

Speaking of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it’s important that each method of accessing your business is easy and convenient. Adobe surveyed 1,025 customers as part of their “Mobile Consumer Report” to feel out which aspects of a mobile retail experience they look for most – whether it’s app or mobile. Above all else, consumers were interested in convenience, which makes sense considering that’s what ecommerce – mobile especially – is all about.


Image: Steve Jurvetson, Flickr