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This week, we’re once again going visual. Take a good look at these graphics provided by Marketing Charts for insights on a variety of ecommerce topics, including branding elements, customer experience, demographics, and email marketing.

A Monday Pick-Me-Up

Just a quick pat on the back for ecommerce as a whole. Out of a bunch of common customer experiences, like visiting a restaurant or a department store, a Harris Poll found that online purchases ranked the most satisfying. Whether it’s customers pleased with giant marketplaces like Amazon or smaller e-retailers is unclear, but it at least shows that the customer experience is a pivotal part to buying online.


What’s in a Word

The values that your brand tries to embody are just words, but they’ve got a big impact on how the customer interprets your business and the customer experience. Out of a jumble of words, including “originality,” “passion,” and “politically active,” Havas Worldwide sought to determine the ones that customers felt were most important for brands to represent. As it turns out, “quality” was the reigning champ, with “reliability” and “honesty” trailing close behind. It’s clear that customers are looking for trustworthy brands.


In Trustworthiness We Trust

And speaking of that trust, here’s exactly why that word is so weighty when selling online. According to consumer behavior research by Edelman, nearly 6 in 10 online consumers across the globe will recommend companies they’ve interacted with over the past year that they trust. Even more, 68% of them will buy from a trusted company. It’s definitely a no brainer that only good things come from being trustworthy, but it may be more important than you think.


Breaking News

This just in – young adults are more likely than any other demographic to be online “almost constantly.” And in a market like ecommerce, perhaps it’s a good idea to go after those whippersnappers. Some may feel it’s pretty obvious considering the stereotype of millennials being “hyperconnected,” but Pew Research’s research also reveals additional demographic information on customers’ connectivity to the web. Take a look at the data and see how it relates to your own target customers.


Listing the Best Email Listing Tactics

Email is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful marketing tools out there for online merchants, but it means nothing without a solid email list. Ascend2 looked into what tactics were most effective or most difficult for marketing influencers. Of the list, email-specific landing pages ranked the highest in terms of effectiveness, and email / social media integrations were considered to be the most difficult tactic for building email lists. That said, it’s important to note that the majority of their respondents (65%) were B2B, so your online e-retailer’s top tactics may be different.


Image: Flickr, Joe The Goat Farmer