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Amazon Sellers have access to one of the biggest marketplaces in the world and they’re selling through the most trusted online marketplace in the USA. That makes up for a lot. But using someone else’s platform to sell does come with some disadvantages. Tracking customer data is a must, so how do you get, import and use basic CRM data if you’re an Amazon Seller?

1. Keep On Using the CRM You Already Have

If you’ve already been using a big, mainstream CRM like Salesforce, you can use an integration service to plug Amazon into the back of your CRM.

Cloud Conversion integrates with:

  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Ebay
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion CRM
  • Salesforce

It’s available via the Salesforce App Exchange as a managed package as well as through the company’s website.

Go this route if: You’re already using a solid CRM and you want an effective cross-platform tool that will collect data from other online marketplaces too.

2. Use a Whole New Dedicated CRM

There’s a dedicated CRM that’s built for Amazon sellers. is designed for Amazon sellers looking for CRM functionality.

XSellco comes with email and repricing capabilities, but it also has a CRM which allows you to communicate with and manage customers from Amazon, Ebay and your website through the same interface. You can track performance against KPIs, delegate to and communicate with staff and open and close cases by user. It’s not Salesforce, but the CRM functionality is far from bare-bones.

Go this route if: Your ecommerce business doesn’t have a CRM and you’re focussing on Amazon and Ebay.

3. Use a Non-CRM Tool

There are tools that can offer a lot of the functionality you’d want from a CRM – especially if you might not find it in a traditional CRM setup. CRMs are typically oriented toward a sales rather than a marketing structure. That means many ‘marketing CRMs’ have to import or integrate with functionality from other tools including email and marketing automation. If that’s more what you’re looking for, you might be best to dispense with CRM altogether and look at a tool like

ZonMaster uses your Amazon customer data as the basis for easy-to-use email marketing software that includes templates, scheduling and customization.

Go this route if: You need marketing more than sales functionality.

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