Quick heads up for your bottom-line! The biggest changes to USPS shipping rates arrived last January, but when the clock strikes midnight on August 28 (this Sunday), USPS will greenlight yet another rate change.

Uptick in Lightweight, First Class Rates

First Class shipping is extremely cost-effective for many e-retailers that handle extremely lightweight products. But it’s about to get a little less effective; Sunday’s rate change to First Class shipping will shrink those margins slightly.

Shipments weighing three ounces or less will see rates rise from $2.45 to $2.62, a 7% increase in cost. The intention of the change is to streamline rates across all lightweight parcels. As a result, all shipments weighing eight ounces or less will sit at a flat rate of $2.62.

Thankfully, we’re putting our 2 cents in — the rate for Ordoro customers will be $2.60, two cents less than what you’d be forking over otherwise.

For more information on our USPS shipping rates, take a look at our FAQ on the subject.

Photo: Flickr, Rob Stinnett