Your Workflow, Without the Work

Part of the driving force behind Ordoro 3’s accelerated workflow is increased automation, especially when dropshipping.

With hands-free dropshipping and our Vendor Portal, now your workflow requires even less actual work — automatically route orders and place fulfillment responsibility in the hands of your vendors.


Look Ma, No Hands

Pushing buttons to send orders on their way to vendors? That’s too much work.

Ordoro 3 allows dropshipping e-retailers to rid themselves of those strenuous clicks. Assign SKUs to their appropriate vendors, and flip a switch allowing the app to auto-route orders to their assigned vendors without a single click.

A Portal to Paradise

When it comes to alerting your suppliers of ready-to-be-fulfilled orders, the back-and-forth of emails can get tedious.

Ordoro 3’s Vendor Portal cuts back on the back-and-forth. Provide your suppliers with an account that allows them to login and view only their active orders. Within the portal, they can fulfill them, creating shipping labels and tracking information that the app syncs back to sales channels.

Start dropshipping at the drop of a dime!