Hocus Pocus and a Focus on Speed

Amazon always has something brewing in their ecommerce cauldron, and they’ve put a spell on sellers with Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP), their latest creation granting sellers with scary-fast fulfillment access to the Prime badge and Prime customers that buy like mad.

We don’t need a crystal ball to see SFP’s appeal. Alongside Ordoro 3’s wickedly fast workflow arrives an integration to the service!


Treat yourself to Ordoro 3’s many tricks!

An Exorcise in Efficiency

Ordoro 3 feels toward efficiency like a vampire feels toward blood, and that means purging any demon haunting your workflow, including the unholy need to manually change fulfillment latency in Amazon.

It can now be set within Ordoro 3 — when the app writes back inventory quantities to Amazon, it’ll be set to the value you specify in Ordoro. And if you have several products with varying latencies, it’s possible to set them in bulk via CSV import.


An FBA Goody Bag

For some Amazon merchants, fulfillment is a nightmare just shy of being on Elm Street. Fulfillment By Amazon is the antidote, and we’ve got some goodies in the bag to ensure our integration is optimized for the monster-sized holidays lurking ahead.

  • Spooky ghostlistings no longer appear in Amazon when switching products between FBA and FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant)
  • It’s possible to switch a product’s fulfillment channel between FBA and FBM in the UI
  • When failed FBA shipments are re-sent, the app now fetches tracking info and logs messages