Analyze and Optimize

Ordoro 3 is all about helping merchants efficiently manage all of their orders all in one place, saving both time and money. Now we’re bringing that same outlook to your metrics.

With our Advanced Analytics, Ordoro acts as the one-stop hub for tracking and measuring your performance, pulling insights from your entire multichannel business and presenting them all in one place.


Slice and Dice Your Data

Sift through a wealth of information, from revenue and expenses to fulfillment efficiency and cash tied up in inventory. Get a holistic view of your performance, or narrow your focus and filter the data by each of your integrated channels.


Pinpoint Your High Performers

And it isn’t just about the bottom line. Advanced Analytics identifies top performers across your business, whether it’s a regional hot spot for orders, products getting off the shelf quickly, or your most valuable customers.


Get the Full Picture on Your Fulfillment

On the shipping side, Advanced Analytics collects all the information you need to get a better idea of your fulfillment effectiveness. Analyze your shipping costs by carrier, method, or channel, and track your fulfillment speed.

Try Ordoro 3, and start digging through that data! But if aren’t using the new workflow yet, don’t worry, you won’t be missing out on Advanced Analytics — it’s available to all Basic and Pro customers on Ordoro 2 and Ordoro 3!