Consider Ordoro 3 Introduced

Over the past few months, we’ve cranked out a tremendous amount of Ordoro 3 features and integrations. Now, as the holiday crunch begins and the new year approaches, it’s worth a rundown of all it has to offer you.


A Faster-Flowing Workflow

Ordoro 3 optimizes, speeds up, and automates your workflow. Here’s everything behind its efficient power.

Batch order process — by optimizing the UI, we’ve heavily reduced the amount of clicks needed to create labels, accelerating your workflow by 4X.

Automation Rules — configure Automation Rules that instantly act on orders the second they’re imported.

Shipping Presets — set and save a preset, select orders en masse, and apply it to auto-populate shipping parameters in a couple clicks.

Hands-free dropshipping — auto-route dropshipments to your vendors or allow them to fulfill orders themselves through our Vendor Portal.

Default dimensions — save the dimensions of each of your products, and sit back as the app auto-fills package info when creating labels.

Direct-to-printer — when it’s time to print those labels, do it automatically with our direct-to-printer option.

UPC barcode support — scan, save, and search UPC barcodes for your SKUs.


Channel the Multichannel

Ordoro 3 is packed with features and integrations to help you master all matters multichannel.

Multiple branded profiles — save and select profiles for each of your sales channels, allowing you to print branded shipping labels and packing lists.

Multiple carrier accounts — useful for vendors and dropshippers, set up multiple carrier accounts of the same type, whether UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, or DHL.

Seller Fulfilled Prime — we’ve integrated with Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime, a program providing fast-fulfilling sellers with access to the Prime button.

Pitney Bowes — we’ve partnered with Pitney Bowes and integrated with their API, offering another provider of USPS’ services.

Advanced Analytics — we’ve released Advanced Analytics, a hub collecting and presenting multichannel insights on your business all in one place.

DHL International — broadening your shipping carrier options, we’ve connected with DHL International for robust global fulfillment.

Play around with Ordoro 3 now

Don’t worry, though — the emails don’t stop here. As your peak season begins wrapping up over the next few weeks, ours is just beginning. Expect more feature goodness to come!