Scan Your Packing Lists

Are you a barcode enthusiast? Or maybe you just think UPC barcodes look neat? Well, we’ve gone ahead and included a barcode with every packing list you print out, giving you the option to scan for orders or get some morse code practice.


Filter Dropshipments

If you’re working with multiple vendors, hunting down your purchase orders and dropshipments is much easier — it’s now possible to filter requested dropshipments by each of your suppliers.


An Attractive Activity Log

We’ve beautified the activity log, making it easier to use and easier on the eyes. A notification icon has been added, we’ve improved the log layout, and it’s much simpler to download CSVs and view your action items.


Pitney’s More Carefree

As you go about printing shipping labels for your orders, sometimes Pitney Bowes throws up the stop sign, believing ship-to locations to be wrong. They’ve loosened up a bit — Pitney Bowes is now less strict about address info, allowing you to create labels for some that it considers invalid.

Speedy Order Lists

Accelerating your workflow means annihilating load times. Whether you’re searching for certain orders or importing new ones in bulk, anytime you order the Order List page to do anything, it’ll load much faster — 2.32X as fast, in fact!