More Productive, More Powerful

Due for a refresh, a better-than-ever Product List page is headed your way. The gist of its redesign is simple: making the page more efficient and laying the groundwork for upcoming inventory features.

You can expect the new Product List page to include everything the current version has, but with a couple new additions and a lot more functionality:

  • Its look is more in line with the current Order List page
  • Editing values like weight, dimensions, and inventory quantities is much faster
  • Labels are clearer for products that are dropshipped or part of a kit
  • The sales channels a product’s quantities are written back to are listed out
  • Configuring supplier and dropshipper settings for products is more efficient

The plan is to roll it out over the coming weeks for your viewing pleasure. And, as mentioned earlier, this is a stepping stone toward other features to look forward to, like product images and a reworked Purchase Order workflow (to name a couple)!