Step One For Invigorated Inventory

Get yourself a straw, because this update’s a juicy one. The better-than-ever Products page we mentioned a few weeks ago is going live this week. Overall, it will behave just as it currently does, but it contains a few fresh features that make it more functional and efficient:

  • Its look is more consistent with the Orders page
  • Editing values like weight, SKU, UPC, dimensions and inventory quantities are much more streamlined
  • Dropshipped and products that are part of a kit are easier to distinguish
  • The sales channels a product is sold on are listed out
  • Configuring supplier and dropshipper settings is more efficient

We plan to roll out the change to existing users in the coming days. That being said, we can’t blame you for wanting to experience it ASAP — holler at us, and we’ll activate it on your account.

Let us know!

Besides its sleek, juiced up layout, the revamped Products page also has a hidden purpose — it lays the groundwork for inventory capabilities to come. Product images and a reworked Purchase Order workflow are in the works, with more in the pipeline. The future of our features is bright!