Buffed Up Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning is one of our most beloved features, so we had to add some improvements to make it that much better. Introducing… Advanced Barcode Scanning!  

There are two ways to begin the workflow — you can select a batch of orders and click the barcode icon to scan and verify, or you can simply scan a product’s barcode and start fulfilling. Once you’ve hit that icon, you’ll notice a shiny new layout.

Overall, it’s very similar to the existing barcode scanning workflow. But there are a few neat things to notice:

  • An order’s details are now listed, including the order’s summary, customer notes, and ship-to information
  • You can now process and create labels for the orders you’ve just scanned
  • The “Verify Another Order” button lets you quickly move on to another ready-to-be-verified order 

The gist of the advanced workflow is to — as always — cut down on the amount of clicking required to get your orders out the door. Plus, with the additional order information displayed, the risk of pick and pack errors is even less than before.

Currently, this feature is in beta, but if you’re itching to up your scanning game, let us know and we’ll greenlight the workflow on your account. And if you’d like a bit more of a preview, check out our support article for more.

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