Say goodbye to border blues! With our new integration with Pitney Bowes, international shipping has just gotten a whole lot easier. By leveraging Ordoro’s certified integration with Pitney Bowes Cross-Border Delivery Service (CBDS), you can rest assured your shipments will be delivered on time and at a competitive price. No more hassle over customs fees and paperwork — you can now easily send orders all around the world in no time. Time to spread your wings beyond domestic markets: there are customers everywhere eagerly awaiting their packages!

If you’re unfamiliar with Pitney Bowes, they are a global shipping and mailing company that offers a range of technology, logistics, and financial services to small businesses, retail, enterprise, and government clients worldwide. Their goal is to simplify the process of sending mail and packages by removing the complexity that comes with it, making Pitney Bowes a reliable partner for organizations of all sizes.

Pitney Bowes is also well known for “helping thousands of retailers grow their international businesses by providing the most comprehensive, award-winning, cross-border delivery solutions.” Whether you’re an expert doing business internationally or are just beginning your cross-border journey, Pitney Bowes can develop a delivery solution that is right for your business.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce this new integration with Pitney Bowes. Ordoro users will now have access to fast, reliable, and affordable international shipping through Pitney Bowes CBDS. Ready to take your business global? Let’s make international shipping a breeze with Pitney Bowes and Ordoro.


  1. What is Pitney Bowes Cross-Border Delivery Service
  2. Benefits of Shipping with Pitney Bowes CBDS
  3. How to Get Started
  4. All of the Pitney Bowes services Ordoro supports
  5. Relevant Support Articles
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What is Pitney Bowes Cross-Border Delivery Service?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Pitney Bowes Cross-Border Delivery Service allows you as a merchant to reduce the amount of time and energy you spend preparing your packages for international shipment. How this service works is: 

  1. In Ordoro, you will fill out the standard information needed to create an international shipping label:
    • Customs Declaration information:
      • Description of Contents
      • Quantity
      • Total Weight of the Product
      • Value per Unit
      • Harmonized Code
      • Harmonized Country Code
      • Country of Origin
    • Reason for Export 
    • Select your shipping method
  2. Depending on the type of Pitney Bowes CBDS account you have, you will either:
    • Ship your packages to a CBDS hub
    • Pitney Bowes will pick up your packages
    • Drop off your packages at a Pitney Bowes Facility
  3. After your packages are received at a CBDS hub, they will be prepared for international shipment
    • Ensuring your packages comply with international regulations and customs requirements
    • Printing the international shipping label
    • Preparing any extra documentation that goes along with the package 
  4. CBDS hub will then ship your packages to their international destination

Benefits of Shipping with Pitney Bowes CBDS

Still trying to convince yourself that this is the right solution for your business? Let’s dive a little deeper into why shipping internationally with Pitney Bowes CBDS on Ordoro is a great opportunity. Ordoro’s users will be able to access several benefits including: 

Ensuring compliance with international regulations.

Pitney Bowes CBDS will help to ensure that your packages comply with international regulations and customs requirements so you don’t have to. By placing this responsibility into the hands of Pitney Bowes it will help to lower the possibility of mistakes, delays, and additional fees.

Seeing improvement in delivery times.

When the Pitney Bowes CBDS team processes your packages to ensure compliance with international regulations, it’s safe to say the likelihood of any errors occurring is reduced. With no errors to worry about, your packages pass through customs quicker, delays are prevented, delivery times are cut down, and your consumers receive their packages on time. Additionally, Pitney Bowes uses a network of international carriers that offer quicker delivery times, often at a lower cost than conventional shipping methods. This can further assist businesses in meeting customer expectations for fast and reliable shipping.

Accessing a customizable solution that fits your business.

When you reach out to Ordoro’s Pitney Bowes contact, they will work directly with you to find a customized solution that meets your business’s needs. Pitney Bowes’s expertise-driven services have made it possible for them to choose the best international solution for any size of business.

Reaching new audiences.

Let’s break down those barriers and start sending orders around the globe with ease. Your business will have access to over 220 countries and territories through Pitney Bowes CBDS, giving you the chance to connect with a larger global audience and grow your customer base. By growing your audience, you’ll have the opportunity to potentially differentiate your business and increase revenue.

Overall, Pitney Bowes CBDS offers a dependable solution for businesses looking to expand their international sales, with benefits such as faster shipping, lower costs, and ensured international regulatory compliance. Start spreading your wings today with Pitney Bowes and Ordoro. Sign up for Pitney Bowes on Ordoro today and make shipping a breeze. 

How to Get Started

With Pitney Bowes and Ordoro, it’s never been easier to ship internationally.  Let’s make the world a little smaller!

Current Ordoro customer?

Easily connect your Pitney Bowes CBDS account to Ordoro today. All you have to do is: 

  • Go to your Shipping/Carrier settings
  • Click “Add Shipper” 
  • Select “CBDS via Pitney” from the dropdown
  • Follow the prompts, and BOOM your Pitney Bowes CBDS account is ready to go

Need a Pitney Bowes CBDS account?

We have a dedicated point of contact at Pitney Bowes to assist with this matter. To get in touch, please email Ron Hui using the email provided below, and be sure to mention that you are an Ordoro customer.

  • Ron Hui

Not an Ordoro customer?

Our goal is to assist your ecommerce business in streamlining and consolidating your shipping and inventory management all into one software. To determine if Ordoro is the best solution for your needs, we encourage you to speak with our team of Product Experts. 


All of the Pitney Bowes services Ordoro supports:

  • Cross-Border Delivery Service
    • Pitney Bowes Piece-Level Shipping
    • Pitney Bowes Standard Service
    • Bulk Pick-Up and Drop-off via Pitney Bowes Standard
  • Other Pitney Bowes services
    • Pitney Bowes Merchant account
    • Pitney Bowes Standard Domestic Labels
    • Pitney Bowes Presort

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