A study from Forrester, released last month, highlights the usage of video for product marketing on e-commerce websites. 68% of the leading ecommerce websites use video.

However, only 16% of the consumers claim to watch these videos. But once they watch it, 64% say they found the video useful.

If you cannot afford to pay $499 for the Forrester report, here are some more details from the study.

One reason for the low adoption rate, the report says, is that product videos are relatively new.

Videos need to have embedded links to products, consumer reviews and other elements that reinforce the sale.

4,687 consumers were surveyed for this report.

A good resource for e-commerce related video production is video-commerce.org.a community of e-commerce professionals, online marketers, and technologists dedicated to advancing the use of video in e-commerce.

Here is a recent article from Practical Ecommerce on producing inexpensive easy product videos for your webstore.