Today, we created the first ever tutorial video for Ordoro. We thought that the logical place is to start with a 1-minute video description of what Ordoro is.

Shown below is a transcript of the video –

Ordoro is a web based order manager. What does this mean? Well, if you are selling goods online, you have a website with a shopping cart. Most likely using one of the many shopping cart software out there like Shopsite, BigCommerce or Volusion. As an online merchant, you know the process begins when customers go to your website to purchase your goods.

Since Ordoro is fully integrated with your shopping cart, you can easily download orders, and print a packing list from Ordoro. And, since we are also integrated with the shippers, you can print a shipping label and get a tracking number, all from the same screen in Ordoro.

Naturally, for those goods that you shipped, your inventory would go down. How would you increase the inventory? Well, you’ve got your suppliers, and you can use Ordoro to issue purchase orders. Once they deliver the goods, you can mark the goods as received in Ordoro, which would automatically increase your inventory.

And, since Ordoro talks to your shopping cart, it would automatically update the inventory on your website too.

As you can see, Ordoro helps you process orders quickly and provides you with a real-time clear picture of your inventory.

If you are interested, please sign-up for our trial. Or contact us at for more details.