The expert product review site,, ranks Shopsite as #2 in their list of shopping cart software packages. According to the review

ShopSite Pro is one of the best shopping cart software packages on the market. Only lacks one feature on our matrix; the handling of backorders and partial shipments.

Missing that feature? Not any more! Because, Ordoro completes the feature matrix for Shopsite.

We, at Ordoro, have been working hard with folks at Lexiconn (a premier Shopsite host) to build out a great Shopsite back-office package. Ever since we released our software a few weeks ago, many Shopsite merchants have been using the Ordoro add-on to manage backorders, partial shipments, returns and order modifications. They also have better control on their inventory because Ordoro keeps track of every thing going in and out of their warehouses. And since Ordoro is tightly integrated with Shopsite, their webstore always shows an accurate inventory count.

Not just that. Like Shopsite (on Lexiconn), Ordoro is also 100% web-based. That means, nothing to download, nothing to install, just login and get started. Rather than hear it from us, hear the benefits of Ordoro from some of our users instead –

When I have to split up an order to be fulfilled by multiple stores, Ordoro really makes it easy. It saves me so much time over the course of the day when I have multiple orders to fulfill – Tom, web support manager at

Ordoro has helped bring order out of chaos from processing orders by hand and managing inventory on spreadsheets. We now process orders with greater ease and efficiency, leaving us time to focus on growing our business, instead of just keeping our heads above water – Anne, owner of

Your attention to detail, customer service, and the product you have turned out, is absolutely fabulous – Jerry, owner of

Are you a Shopsite merchant wishing for a streamlined backoffice? Wait no longer. Just give Ordoro a try. You will never worry about order fulfillment again. Seriously!

Call us at 512.981.7309 or write to us at Or signup on our website for a limited time free trial offer.