Last week, I wrote about how Ordoro enhances the functionality of Shopsite. With all the great features fine-tuned for Shopsite, Ordoro has been helping many Shopsite merchants grow their ecommerce business. Two of the many features of Ordoro that benefit Shopsite merchants are –

  1. Partial order shipments
  2. Backorder tracking

But rather than explaining it in words, I thought a video will be better. So here it is, a screencast of how you can use Shopsite to deal with partial orders.

(You can watch more screencasts of Ordoro on our demo page)

Shopsite is great at capturing sales. But then what? All reasonably sized ecommerce merchants use an order fulfillment system to handle everything that happens after Shopsite has captured that order. Partial order fulfillment one of the very common scenarios across ecommerce merchants.

There are many reasons why you do not ship out an order completely. May be you don’t have all the items in stock. Or may be some of the items are being dropshipped from the supplier. In all such situations, it is important to keep track of exactly what is being shipped out on what date. So that if the customer calls you, enquiring about his/her order, you know exactly what has been shipped out and when.

If the order from Shopsite was partially shipped out, Ordoro keeps track of the order in a state called “In Process”. That is a clear indication to you, the merchant, that more actions need to be taken before the order can be considered complete, or closed. Until all the line items in the order have been shipped out, Ordoro will maintain that order in the “In Process” state.

When new inventory arrives in your warehouse, and when you are ready to ship out the remaining portion of the order, Ordoro will let you create a new shipment for that order, let you print out a new shipping label, and mark the order as “Shipped”. But, Ordoro also keeps track of multiple tracking numbers and shipment numbers attached to that order. So, at a later point in time, if you want to see the history of every action taken on that order, all that information is available for you on one page.

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