The regular readers of this blog know that we are passionate about design, usability and customer service. In our mind, these three elements are also closely connected.

Great design leads to great usability which in turn leads to an easier learning curve for the customer. An easier learning curve means our customers call us less often for support. Fewer calls in turn mean, when they do call us we are able to offer 100% attention to their problems.

But we believe that the true secret of our success is in how we close the loop between these three elements. If we notice different customers calling us with the same question on a particular feature, we know we have not designed that feature correctly. So, back to the drawing board, more usability and design discussions, and yet another iteration of that feature. This constant feedback loop between design, usability and customer service has helped us create what we think is an extraordinary product in the small business ecommerce space.

And we know we are doing it right when we hear songs of praise from our customers. We sincerely thank all our customers for their help and support. Your testimonials warm our heart. So much that we have decided to dedicate a section for everything you have to say about us. Read the customer testimonials here.