Version 1.9.0 has enhancements to UPS label printing, and dropshipping. We have also made improvements to the BigCommerce product import feature. And we rounded it up with a few performance improvements and some data import ui experience improvements. Below is a detailed list of the changes. And you can see the complete release history here.

April 15, 2011 – Version 1.9.0

  • Additional parameters for UPS labels – Signature Required, Business vs Residential address, Declared value for insurance, Reference number on the label
  • Additional columns to the CSV inventory import file – Weights
  • Additional columns to the CSV inventory export file – COGS
  • Import the payment type information from Shopsite
  • Add customer phone number, merchant account number in the dropship email
  • Ability to import BigCommerce product file from your desktop
  • Improvements to the order/inventory import ui experience. More fine-grained status updates during Amazon import
  • More performance improvements to the inventory page
  • Import productcost during BigCommerce product import
  • Bugfix – Corner cases for BigCommerce product import
  • Bugfix – Shipment email quantity display is fixed
  • Bugfix – Amazon grand total calculations