Write-back into BigCommerce

In Ordoro version 1.11 that we released last week, we included a very exciting feature – “the write-back into BigCommerce”.

There are two parts to this feature –

  1. If you are using BigCommerce 6 or BigCommerce 7, then Ordoro will automatically update the shipping label tracking number in your BigCommerce account and mark the order as “shipped”
  2. If you are using BigCommerce 7, then Ordoro will automatically update the on-hand quantities in BigCommerce when you change the stock level in Ordoro

Why are we so excited about this? Because Ordoro is the only order management system that can actually write-back data into BigCommerce. This was the most demanded feature by our BigCommerce userbase, and we put a lot of effort into getting this to work. And it provides great benefits to our BigCommerce user base.

Why does tracking number write-back matter?

The tracking number write-back feature completes the loop of information flow between you and your customer. Here is how.

Once you create a shipping label in Ordoro, then Ordoro automatically updates the tracking number in BigCommerce, for that order, and marks that order as shipped. Once this happens, BigCommerce sends a shipment notification email to your customer with the tracking number embedded in the email. If the customer logs into her account on your website, she is always up to date on the order status, and the tracking number is easily available right there.

This feature directly improves your customer service level because your customers are always up to date on their order status. This feature also reduces your customer service costs because now you will have fewer customers calling you or emailing you asking for order status. It’s a small feature that goes a long way toward growing your ecommerce business.

Why does inventory write-back matter?

This is a great feature for merchants who are selling on multiple storefronts. For example, many of the Ordoro customers sell on BigCommerce AND on Amazon marketplace. Ordoro is great at aggregating orders from these multiple storefronts into one view so that you can easily process these orders – either from your warehouse, or assign them to a dropshipper.

But this new feature (inventory write-back) ensures that your inventory information is in sync between your BigCommerce store and your Amazon storefront. Here is how exactly it works.

If you sell a few units of a product on Amazon, then Ordoro automatically reduces the stock levels for that product in BigCommerce. If you sell a few units in BigCommerce, then Ordoro automatically reduces the stock levels for that product on Amazon. In other words, Ordoro ensures that the inventory picture is accurate and up-to-date in all your webstores all the time.

Having accurate inventory numbers in your webstores is necessary to

  1. Avoid losing a sale because the webstore mistakenly has lower inventory than what you really have
  2. Avoid back-orders because webstore thinks you have more in stock than what you really have

(Note: This inventory sync feature has always been a highlight of Ordoro ever since we did our first integration with the Shopsite and Amazon platforms. But the BigCommerce inventory write-back was released only in version 1.11)

If you want to learn more about how the tracking number write-back and inventory management write-back features work, create a free trial account of Ordoro, link it to your BigCommerce account, and give it a whirl.