Order fulfillment is one of the most important aspects of running an ecommerce business. Many of the Ordoro users sell on Amazon along with other platforms. Fulfillment of orders is a little easier on Amazon than on other platforms because the company offers an order fulfillment service called “Fulfillment by Amazon.” A recent article from Practical Ecommerce goes into some detail about Amazon’s order fulfillment services. Here’s what you should know about ecommerce order fulfillment on Amazon:

How Amazon’s Order Fulfillment Works

Amazon’s order fulfillment process is simple. When you sign up with Amazon’s online fulfillment program, you ship your products over to their fulfillment center. They use order fulfillment software to monitor the products and orders in their fulfillment warehouse, and they let you know when the status of any of your products changes.

Other Order Fulfillment Options

Remember that if you need to keep track of your order fulfillment on multiple platforms, you may want to find more comprehensive ecommerce fulfillment services. Ordoro helps you keep inventory in sync across Amazon and other webstores and also aggregate orders from these platforms.