Sometimes, a business outgrows a basic inventory management system. Inventory management software alone no longer suffices. When this happens, a company may need to hire an inventory management specialist whose job is to solely keep track of all things inventory related. This inventory specialist will count the inventory, be in charge of warehouse management, analyze inventory software data, handle materials management, communicate with the sales department about inventory, and employ various other inventory management techniques.

Keep in mind that having an inventory management specialist on staff isn’t necessary for all companies. However, if you’re having significant trouble with inventory management, hiring a specialist of this kind may be useful. Here are three signs that you may need to add an inventory management specialist to your team:

  1. There are more inventory jobs than your current staff can handle. If your sales and production teams are overwhelmed by inventory control duties on top of everything else they have to do, it might be time to hire an inventory management specialist.
  2. You’re selling over 10 million dollars worth of products each year. This means you have a lot of inventory. You probably need one or two staff members to devote at least eight hours a day to inventory tracking and communicating with the sales department.
  3. You notice that you have consistently ordered too much or too little of a particular product. When no one at the company has the time to sit down and analyze inventory software data, it’s probably time to hire a specialist.
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