When goods are to be shipped in a temperature controlled environment, typically refrigerated at or above freezing point, an attachable terminal refrigeration system is used which is known as the clip on unit once the goods are received and off the shipping vehicle.

Examples of the type of goods that would require a clip on unit would be fruit trucks, flower delivery vehicles, dairy product vehicles and meat trucks. Most of these methods of transportation utilize clip it up devices that allow for hanging or mobilizing the goods in transit.

System units will be connected to power supplies at all times, during transit and arrival. The system unit is the integral part of the clip on unit’s proper function and ensures a proper cooling environment. In other words, if the container the goods are to be shipped in is not already set up with a cooling system then a clip on unit is utilized.

The containers that hold the goods are typically a certain size so ensuring the clip on unit’s size is adequate to the container’s size is vitally important to the shipment of goods that require refrigeration. Porthole containers do not generally have a temperature display so a clip on unit is used to display the temperature.

However, to ensure the shipment meets the ISO requirements the clip on unit must fall with the dimensions required of the total unit.