What is Consumer Goods Marketing? Plain and simple it’s the promotion of your products aimed directly at the public. Rather than promoting your product to organizations that sell the product for you, marketing is directed to the individual buyer. With consumer goods marketing, your strategy will be different than promoting your products to the general marketplace.

The first step in consumer goods marketing; knowing the consumer use category your product fits into. Those categories are shopping products, convenience products, specialty products, emergency products and unsought products. Marketing to the consumer will vary based on your category so let’s break down the categories a little further and how each can be marketed.

Shopping products are such items as clothing, furniture, electronics, etc and are purchased less frequently by consumers. Marketing is typically targeted to distribution outlets such as larger or nationwide corporations. But again, can be done on the consumer level and targeted to online shoppers that are seeking unique and personable items. Products such as these are heavily sought after especially around the holidays or special shopping times of the year.

Convenience products can best be explained as products that consumers use frequently such as food, cleaning and personal products. These types of products are marketed to the masses or larger segments. Typically, these products are sold at the retail level but can also be achieved on a consumer level. Think of Avon, Mary Kay, SMC and more.

Typically higher in cost, specialty products are sought after by consumers that will spend less time comparing price tags and more time seeking value and originality. Specialty products are selective. Think of the high-end automobiles, expensive beauty products or the top of the line electronic that must be reserved prior to release. There is an exclusive quality in the minds of specialty product shoppers. Marketing will be on an upscale level and targeted at a select group of consumers.

Perfect examples of emergency products are the items that are in great demand during times of disaster or events that have created a sudden surge in need. However, today’s society has become a little more organized, so to speak, when it comes to planning for emergencies. From travel first aid kits to vehicle emergency preparedness kits, emergency product purchases are on the rise. When marketing emergency products you have the ability to reach various markets. From home owners to truck drivers to soccer moms; emergency products can be used by anyone.

Unsought products are products that are sold simply because of the way you marketed your product. It may be considered a frivolous purchase to the consumer but because of the promotion you put into it the consumer makes an impulse purchase. Unsought products are best marketed face-to-face or through an email promotion. If you’re able to captivate the consumer with your marketing techniques your chances of making a sale increase.