If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you probably know that we are real nerds about Amazon’s fulfillment operations. We even collect pictures of Amazon warehouses. (Email us if you’ve got more pictures). So, obviously, this blog post has been long overdue.

Why are we obsessed about Amazon trivia? Because many of our customers sell through the Amazon marketplace (a.k.a Seller Central) and manage their own warehouses / fulfillment operations. We also get a lot of questions about Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service.

So here it goes.

How many fulfillment centers does Amazon have?

Amazon Global Locations

As of May 2013, Amazon has 49 fulfillment centers spread across 8 countries. Here is the split by country

  • United States – 14 spread across 14 states
  • Canada – 2
  • France – 3
  • Germany – 7
  • Italy – 1
  • United Kingdom – 8
  • China – 8
  • Japan – 6

Source : Amazon.com careers page

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