We’ve been working hard on one of our most requested features: better automation for creating shipping labels. Two weeks ago, we released a few components of this improved workflow and the initial feedback has been great. We have more good stuff on the way, but here’s a video and an overview of the new shipping label hotness that’s in the wild right now:

Create and print international labels from the shipment list page

Now you can create international labels in the same place you create domestic labels. No need to switch to a different workflow. Ordoro will also create all additional paperwork (such as customs forms), in one place via the popup modal.

Print multiple international labels all at once

Our printer selection dialog has been revamped to accommodate printing various types of labels and customs forms documents in batch.

FedEx International

As a bonus, you can now create FedEx International labels. Boom.

Bigcommerce weight import conversions

Our international users no longer have to worry about converting weights from lbs to kgs between Bigcommerce and Ordoro.

More Shopify and Amazon improvements

Tracking numbers will correctly write back to Shopify and Amazon when “Other” is specified as the shipper type. For new Shopify accounts, we automatically pull your warehouse address from Shopify, meaning one less step while setting up Ordoro.

WooCommerce Beta

Beta testing for our WooCommerce integration is going strong and we expect to officially launch it soon.

Etsy Beta

We just started beta testing our Etsy integration with users and so far, so good!

More shipping label goodness

You no longer have to worry about putting the wrong shipping label on the wrong box. All USPS labels now have the shipment ID printed on them and all UPS SurePost labels will also show the recipient’s name clearer. This means it will now be much easier to cross reference your labels with your orders.

What’s next?

Wrapping up the WooCommerce and Etsy beta releases

If you’d like to join the integration beta testing program for either of these carts, just email us and let us know!

Faster, streamlined order and shipment detail pages

The order and shipment detail pages will receive makeovers and be given some additional functionality.

Shipping rules!

As we port more and more of our app over to our new infrastructure, we’re getting closer to building a feature that allows users to automatically set shipping methods for orders.