We are excited to announce the launch of our Etsy integration today. We have been beta testing this integration for the past few weeks, and we want to thank all our customers who helped us out through the beta phase, finding bugs and offering valuable feedback.

This Etsy integration is similar to our other marketplace and shopping cart integrations (Amazon, eBay, Shopify etc). We do the same data push-pull operations with the Etsy marketplace. Here are the main data transfer actions –

  1. Import orders from Etsy marketplace automatically. And then, you can create shipping labels at discounted rates through Ordoro.
  2. Import new products from Etsy marketplace automatically
  3. Update Etsy marketplace with the shipment tracking numbers in real time (once you create the shipping label through Ordoro)
  4. Update inventory stock level in your Etsy account automatically

In short, if you are selling products via the Etsy marketplace, then Ordoro will help you manage all your shipping operations, and help you keep your inventory up to date. But many of our Etsy customers also benefit from some of the advanced features that Ordoro offers –

  1. Automatically sync Etsy inventory with Shopify, Amazon and other sales channels. Yes, even though Etsy does not have SKU numbers, you can map each Etsy product to products from other sales channels in Ordoro
  2. Communicate with your suppliers for restocking raw materials and finished goods. Send dropshipment notices to your suppliers automatically.
  3. Kitting and bundling products

The infographic below gives an overview of all the connections inside Ordoro.


More than just another integration

For us, building the Etsy integration was more than just about adding yet another sales channel plugin into Ordoro. It’s also about the importance of design in everything we do.

This goes back to the roots of Ordoro. We are very proud of the design focus that Ordoro has taken from the beginning. Our very first hire was matt_o who brought strong UI/UX experience to Ordoro. We deliberate every UI element, whether it’s on our marketing site or in our app. And that focus has paid off. Based on conversations I’ve had with some of our competitors, Ordoro has the best customer-count to employee ratio in our industry. That’s because our app is so easy to use that it is mostly self serve. Customers come to our site, register, and print out the first shipping label successfully in under 3 minutes. There is no handholding necessary.

Design is not just about how the app looks, it’s also about how the entire company works. For example, very early on, we decided that we will offer free unlimited phone support to all our customers. And that turned out to be a great decision because we set ourselves up to build an amazing app with minimal handholding which in turn lead to the overall efficiency of our company.

Naturally, we get attracted towards companies that are design focused. And Etsy stacks way high up in our list. Their platform has over 1 million active shops with over 25 million items listed, and yet it is easy to navigate and manage, and a pleasure to work on. It’s not just the skin that’s pretty, we could also see that design focus in play while building the Etsy API integration. The Etsy API was well designed, the API documentation was well crafted. And we were able to build out the integration quickly and easily. We have built a lot of integrations, and we know when we see a good API. From the software design point of view, Etsy and Ordoro have similar philosophies.

It’s not just us who feel this way, our Etsy customers do too. The overwhelming feedback during beta testing has been that Ordoro is the most user friendly shipping software they have ever used. And coming from these design-oriented artisans who sell on Etsy, that’s a great compliment for us. It further validates our strategic focus on design and confirms that design is indeed a strong differentiator from our competitors.

If you want to learn more about our Etsy integration, you can see it here, or you can sign up for a 15-day free trial to see it in action.