Although difficult to validate, it is believed that about 1% of all packages shipped are lost in the delivery process. A large chunck of these can be attributed to inconsistencies in specifying the shipping address. For an ecommerce merchant these errors eat away at profit margins, but more importantly lead to a dissatisfied customer.

To reduce such instances we just launched an address validator that will help cut down on such shipping errors.

Ordoro Address Validator

When an order comes into Ordoro, be it from an integrated channel or manually entered into the app, the app checks the address against a database of valid shipping addresses maintained by the United States Postal Service, and flags inaccurate addresses. These flagged addresses fall into two different categories:

  • Warnings
    Flagged yellow, these addresses are missing some detailed information – like a suite or apartment number. The delivery folks can probably figure out where exactly the package goes to using the name on the package or just asking around. And so the app lets you create a shipping label for it. These warnings can be ignored and Ordoro will let you create a label for it.
  • Errors
    Flagged red, these addresses are invalid and the deilvery folks will not be able to deliver the package to the right person and will probably be returned as undeliverable. Typically such addresses don’t exist or are missing information like a city, state or zip code. Unless fixed, the app will not let you create a shipping label for such addresses.

But the address validator does not stop there. When you go on to fix the shipping address error, it also gives you suggestions on what the address could be. And with the click of a button accept one of those suggestions.

Ordoro Address Validator


Of course, this feature is automatically avaliable to all Ordoro customers. So just log in and ship your orders with confidence that you are shipping them to the right people!