Ever see yourself doing the same tasks over and over again? Ever wonder if you could have a robot do them for you? Are you hooked on to the little life hacks that IFTTT lets you create? Well, we are.

Inspired by that and with our commitment to simplifying order fulfillment we are excited to announce the release of our automation rules engine!

Now you can create If this then that style rules to automate shipping, order-management and other repetitive back-office tasks. These automation rules go one step ahead and let you specify when to trigger these rules as well. Today we are doing a limited release of our automation rules with select tasks that you can to automate. We are adding more trigger events, properties and tasks so you can create your own automation ‘recipes’ as we speak.

Here’s a sneak peak at what these automation rules look like:

Automation rules

These automation rules can get pretty complex, so one of our goals was to make setting them up as simple and understandable as possible. To us, creating a rule is like writing a sentence. Triggers and actions are phrases that make up the sentence and users can fill in the blanks of those phrases using dropdown menus and free text fields. When you’re done building the rule, what you’ve created will be a clear statement that both humans and robots can understand. Everyone wins.

Interested in being a beta tester? Write us at info@ordoro.com.